Tempus Two Wine

Saba Drinks
So i am planning my outfit for a friends birthday this weekend and have pulled together items that I already own while trying to justify buying a few new ones. I really want the ‘Two is Better than One – Double Pouch bag’ as it is a more affordable adaptation of the ‘oh so popular’ Celine triple threat – three part bag… I will also be adding some Tempus Two wine to my ‘ensemble’ as the restaurant we are going to is BYO…

1. Saba – Bamboo Strappy Cami  2. Wittner – Riri Heels  3. Saba – Mosaic Pencil Skirt (on sale at the moment) 4. Two is better than one – Double Pouch . 5. Tempus Two Wines – Sauv Blanc 6. Samantha Wills – Bohemian Nights Earrings 7. Samantha Wills – there she goes bracelet 8. Isi Miyake – For Women Perfume 


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