The Lion King

The Lion King Flat Lay
I am going to the Lion King tonight in Melbourne and as usual i am struggling to decide what to wear…  I want to pull together the perfect outfit which is sometimes hard this time of year. It has to be warm enough that I don’t freeze but not too wintery that I look out of place.  I have brought together items that are similar to what I already have in my wardrobe such as the Seed Leather wrap skirt (similar to my: Portman’s Mindy Mini Leather Skirt).   I like this outfit as the chic leather skirt is not too short and screams layer back chic when teamed with a casual top, and dressed up with a beautiful bag.

1. Chloe – Drew Mini Chain Bag
2. Seed – Leather wrap skirt
3. Seed – Stripe Splice Tee 
4. Samantha Wills – La Luna Gold Necklace 
5. The Lion King – Tickets
6. jo Mercer – Banshee cut out ankle boots 
7. Canon – Powershot G16
8. Popcorn and Choc Top Ice-cream
9. Saba – brush stroke scarf  (on sale)


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