New Season Heels

new season heels
I am loving the new season heels coming out at the moment. I am embarrassed to say I used to only wear platform heels (but haven’t for years thank god!). I now opt for a classier heel with stylish detailing like the heels featured above.

There is something under-rated in todays society, something that our grandmothers had but we are starting to forget – and that is class. There is something to be admired in a well spoken woman wearing something like a midi skirt, cute top and classic pair of heels.  It may not be mid drift showing, skin tight or draw eyes instantly to your chest, but this style really is timeless and commands attention.

Heel Checklist:
Versatility: My selection of favourites can often be taken from day to night – which is a heel essential for me – being able to use them for multiple events is important so as to expand your wardrobe options and get the most use out of your purchases… and the same can be said for bags.

Style: a classic heel will stand the test of time through different trends and fads.

Material: Although it is tempting to buy cheaper pleather heels, leather really is the only way to go. Being a natural fibre it mould to feet better, causes less friction and pain and will last a lot longer.

Comfort: While 7inch heels do look amazing, unless you think you can spend a minimum of four hours in them – possibly standing then they are not worth buying. I have countless pairs of heels waiting to be worn but will never see the light of day (or night) for being too uncomfortable. Take into consideration:
a) Cut – do they fit your foot well?
b) Material – are they a sturdy, breathable material
c) Height – are they high enough not to be mistaken for a ghastly kitten heel but not too high that d) you look like a stripper

1. Wittner – Umika Heels
2. RMK – Lover Red Leather
3. Jo Mercer – Quest Heeled Sandals 
4. Steve Madden – Proto Pumps in Blush
5. Sachi – Megan Black and White
6. Siren – Cherry Heels 

Heels are something so feminine and fun to play around with, enjoy the new season 🙂 x


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