Russian High Tea – St Petersburg

Why in Russia? As some of you may know I recently returned from a two month holiday!  I was lucky enough to explore China, Mongolia and Russia before heading to Europe for a month where we travelled everywhere – from Bremen and Paris to Seville and Stockholm.   I then travelled home via Thailand for good measure with a healthy stop at Phi Phi Island.
Having studied Russian history I have always felt the pull of this fascinating country.  I was more than happy to treat my friend and I to this delicious high tea in the Traditional Kempinski Hotel Tea Room.

The Kempinski Hotel is a short walk from The Winter Palace which doubles as the Hermitage Museum – which is the worlds largest museum.
The Tea Room incorporates the finest traditions of European tea ceremonies. Here one can feel a mixture of cultures – tea is served in genuine Russian fashion with pancakes, while afternoon tea is served in true English style with sandwiches and other snacks. Guests can enjoy a variety of pastries, cakes and delicious brands of tea imported from all over the world, including magnificent Betjeman & Barton tea served in Lomonosov Imperial Porcelain.

To book your table please contact us:                                                                                               or telephone +7 812 335 9111


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