Angelina Cafe and Patisserie – Paris

On my recent trip to Paris last month I ensured I paid a visit to the iconic ‘Angelina Cafe‘ – 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001, Paris.
angelinasAfter being seated in the upstairs tea rooms, we treated ourselves to decadent hot chocolates and gnash filled croissants served with small ramekins of cream – see delicious picture above !

While the atmosphere was busy and we had to wait around 15 minutes to be seated the experience was well and truly worth it. We felt very special indeed to sit in a place that once treated the likes of Coco Chanel and writer Marcel Proust.

Angelina is most famous for its indulgent pastries, chocolates and tarts however, I especially loved how extravagant lengths were taken to decorate every surface. ┬áCeilings were encrusted with gold foiling and the bathrooms tiled in reflective copper. The interior design can most easily be described as opulent, sophisticated and in every sense of the word – Parisian.



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