The Market Place St Petersburg

As a home grown Melbournian I definitely have a soft spot for those Hipster styled, Brunswick-esque brunch spots.  So imagine my surprise when we stumbled across the most ingenious and trendy breakfast, lunch and dinner spot in the middle of St Petersburg, Russia.
Here you can get everything and anything from made to order pasta, kebabs, salads, soups, waffles, muesli, coffee, pancakes, juice, iced tea and countless other goodies – depending on the time of day.
The Market Place hosts gourmet food for affordable prices, and it is always a good sign when the majority of customers are locals.  They take cash and card (with no minimum spend) and are located in two locations throughout the city. Of the two, the larger, and better location is located on Nevskiy Ave (House 24, St. Petersburg 191186).  It is larger, has more food options and is in a better location – within a ten minute walk to the Winter Palace.  I was so in love with this place that I am ashamed to say that I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner here for two days straight.
The Market Place brings a modern hipster twist on a classic buffet/cafeteria style dining experience and is well worth a visit.


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