Textbook Romance.

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After receiving requests for more diverse blog posts I have decided to now offer ‘Book Reviews’ as part of Just Style.  Being stylish and well put together goes beyond beauty fashion, and lifestyle, and extends to how a person values themselves and the substance they can bring to any relationship.  A person who has nothing to say in conversation is probably one of my least favourite kinds of people.

I am a big reader and constantly have a book on the go at all times.  While my favourite genre to indulge in would be historically based romance novels* I have a varied taste with a passion for history, lifestyle, fantasy, mystery, political, futuristic, and top 100 novels.

‘Textbook Romance’ by Zoe Foster (which features the insightful scribbles of her now husband Hamish Blake) is one of the best lifestyle books I have ever read.  There are several copies available but i settled for the penguin classic version which was only AU$9.90.  I would describe this book as a humorous, dating and relationship ‘how to guide’ that is harshly truthful at times.


Zoe offers a set of behaviour guidelines that claims to offer “lessons on clever dating and how to build that perfect relationship”.  While some of her points do at times come across as old fashioned or anti-feminist the underlying conclusion made after reading this book is actually quite the opposite.  She both opens with and concludes that you won’t have a fulfilling, valuable male-female relationship if you don’t first see yourself and behave as the valuable, funny, charismatic and in demand “Chanel bag” that you are.  I am now a true believer in the “perceived value theory” in which “thinking of yourself as incredibly valuable means others will see you that way too”.


I especially liked the table on page 70 about the typical response times to a guy’s text/email etc. I admit I am somewhat clueless about this, not wanting to appear too eager by responding too quickly, yet wanting them to know that I AM indeed interested.

As cliche as it sounds, I finished this book with a heightened sense of self worth and a different outlook on dating.  While I feel as if most of my behaviour was already aligned with the preachings of this book like “control the pace of the relationship” and “don’t push him when he pulls away” Zoe did re-affirm certain things we can purposely forget like “Never drink and text (EVER!)”.  I would rate this book 4.5 stars and would recommend any young woman read this.

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Post Features:
1. Textbook Romance – by Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake
2. Naked Eye Palette
3. Zoeva makeup brushes
4. Iphone 6 with Samantha Wills marble case
5. Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume
6. Hartley Watches

*I love historically based romance novels such as the novels by Australian author Fiona Mcintosh – The Lavender Keeper and The French Promise being amongst my favourites.  Join Lisette and Luc as they find love and hope in World War Two when the struggle for survival in Nazi held Paris is made all the more complicated by espionage.


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