In Style.

in style.

In Style is my go-to magazine for all things style.  They are always detailing the next big fashion trend, hints and tips for classic, flawless beauty, and interior decorating insight to make any interior decorator drool!

This months edition featured the gorgeous Emma Ward, Jessica Gomes, and Nicole Trunfio on the cover.  These genetically blessed besties reflect on their 15 years of friendship all while wearing designer pieces and managing to look gorgeous

One of my favourite reads would have to be the ‘What we want now’ pages that showcase trends that will be sneaking their way into our wardrobes this Autumn – cue metallic detailing, feminine pleats and classic boots – with a touch of Auburn.

IMG_0034.jpgAs you all know I am also obsessed with marble and gold/rose gold detailing – this Luxe Finds hits home with these marble plates, camel trench and gold trimmed headphones…

Overall In Style is always a great mag – so great that I have now invested in a subscription! Keep up the great work In Style!


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