The Perfect Man – the movie.


Wow.  The 2016 French Film festival has outdone itself.  I was treated to a caramel choc top and 6pm sitting of the film ‘The Perfect Man’ which was an edge of your seat thriller involving a young writer and his self obsessed pursuit of fame, gratification and success.
Un Homme Ideal - A Perfect Man 02_0.jpg

After stumbling across a bold and engaging journal of a deceased ex-military recluse, Mathieu Vasseur goes on to find the fame and reputation he has long desired.  As a result of his success and fame Mathieu pursues Alice, someone he has seen from afar but long perceived as unattainable.
The film spirals through a series of events caused by Mathieu’s attempt to conceal his deceit and protect his fame and reputation for ‘his’ best seller ‘Black Sand’.  With a crushingly ironic final scene I would rate this 5/5 stars!


Ultimately, this film is a cringe worthy thriller which leaves you guessing about the films title long after after the curtains close.  The Perfect Man – perfect through the eyes of Alice? A play on words because Mathieu clearly wasn’t perfect? Or simply a cruel reminder of how we never are who we appear to be – even if we appear to be perfect. Thank you to Palace Cinemas on Collins St for a night filled with subtitled suspense.


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