Origins – Super Spot Remover.


I have seen and heard several bloggers and youtubers rave about Origins ‘Super Spot Remover’ and thought I would put it to the test.
I have larger pores, an oiler t-zone, wear makeup every other day and have consistently problematic skin.  I am really impressed with this product and found that it dried up problem spots over 24-48 hours.
I used this product under makeup, before bed and topped it up from time to time throughout the day.  I definitely noticed the spots shrink quicker than usual and the skin return to an even, less red, less angry state after initial application.
At $25 from Mecca Maxima, this tiny bottle isn’t exactly cheap but it is worth it and lasts a long time as you only need a tiny amount of gel which will spread across a comparatively large area.



  1. I have used this. And you’re right, it smooths out the spots and makes them less angry and red. But they haven’t gotten rid of mine completely. But mine is more than just one or two spots.


    1. Camille Simone

      I agree – it definitely lessens mine but does not stop them from coming in the first place… You would think pimples would be a thing of the past – I’m in my 20’s. xx


      1. I’m 28 and my face decided to let me relive my teenage years all over again!


  2. Camille Simone

    tell me about! I have always had pimples…


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