Beauty and the Brow.


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are definitely the curtains – and no one likes drab, tattered or stray curtains.

Isn’t it is interesting how easily these two furry lines can enhance or ruin an entire look. While I do not get mine professionally shaped every time – every 6 months or so I let them grow out to their original, bushman-esque shape and get them reined in by my local threading professional.

Every day brow routine:
Step 1. Once you have finished applying any facial makeup, brush out your brows to your desired shape using the end of a spooley. This removes any stray makeup that could make your brows clumpy and pushes brow hairs into their most flattering angles.

Step 2. Apply your brow gel in the direction of the hair.  As the ‘Benefit Eyebrow Gel’ is rather expensive considering how quickly it runs out ($37) I bought the ‘Billion Dollar Brow’ alternative which lasts much longer.  While the brush is far too big for any eyebrow I’ve ever seen and the gel is a little too liquid-ey for my liking – it does the job.  If I need longer lasting wear or want to feel a little special for work I will opt for the Benefit brow gel as it is by far the best I have ver tried.
Note: These “light” shades of brow gel do look a little daunting if you have fair hair however I have several friends who use these shades for slightly tinted brows. Although I have light brown hair I prefer to use a light coloured eyebrow gel as I prefer a more natural match.

A great addition to any brow is a quick dusting of eye shadow.  I love the Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion which is a great tint on it’s own (and comes in 4 colours) and makes a long lasting base for any eye shadow. The famous Naked 3 Palette is my year round, day or night go to choice – its earthy, shimmery colours go the distance.


Don’t forget a little mascara ouch of eyeshadow to perfect your look.

1. Benefit – Brow Gel (in light/Taupe)
2. Benefit – Bad Gal Lash Mascara
3. Clinique – Liquid Eyeliner Pen
4. Benefit – Brow Highlighter
5. Benefit – High Beam – Liquid Highlighter
6. Urban Decay – Naked Pallet
7. Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion
8. Zoeva Brush
9. In Style Magazine (Feb edition 2016)
10. Billion Dollar Brown Brow – Hint of Tint

You can find the above products at Mecca Maxima. xx (Note: Benefit can be found in Myer, David Jones and online)


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